Cornices | Cove Moulding

Cornices are a type of moulding which runs along the top lengths of your interior walls. The cornice sits in the join between the walls and the ceiling.

Cornices are also referred to as coving, or crown, bed or cove moulding.

Cornice Profile Costing

Profiles sold in 2m Lengths. All prices specified are ex VAT.
Our cornices are manufactured from the best high density XPS (Extruded) Polystyrene.
We have a range of 17 different Cornice Profiles available.

Quarter Rounds 30mm: R15.00/m
T-Strip: R4.50/m

What are cornices used for?

Large rooms and areas

  • Large rooms, especially with high ceilings, can be difficult to light. Corners tend to get lost in the dark and the room can seem grim and gloomy.
  • Curved cornices will help brighten up a room by reflecting light into dark areas.
  • Patterned cornices work with light and shade to create visual interest.

Small rooms and areas

  • Cornices draw the eye upwards, making small rooms seem larger.
  • By painting them a light colour, they will make the room stand out even more.

Conceal Cracks

Cornices can be used to help conceal cracks which commonly occur along the join between walls and ceilings.

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