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EPS is inert in nature and therefore does not result in any chemical reactions. Since it will not appeal to any pests, it can be used easily in the construction industry. It is also closed cell, so when used as a core material it will absorb little water and in return, not promote mold or rotting.

EPS is durable, strong as well as lightweight and can be used as insulated panel systems for facades, walls, roofs and floors in buildings, as flotation material in the construction of marinas and pontoons and as a lightweight fill in road and railway construction.

What is a polystyrene block?

Polystyrene Blocks are Used as Building Materials. Polystyrene blocks are used in construction as permanent insulation in buildings. The polystyrene blocks are stacked and then the forms are filled with concrete. Building with blocks is a lot like building with the toy blocks.

The polystyrene void fillers are manufactured from EPS to fit the space created by the 620mm beam spacing and 200mm beam height. Other properties include:

  • Thermal resistance “R” value: >3.7
  • Fire: classified as B / B1 / 2 / H&V. Suitable for use in all industrial , residential and commercial buildings as an under-roof and side cladding insulation material
  • Moisture: non-hygroscopic and not affected by moisture
  • General: not affected by bacteria, mould or fungi and have no nutrient value for insects, birds or vermin. They will remain effective as an insulant for the life of the building
  • The polystyrene used is manufactured from recycled waste polystyrene

Installation of Polystyrene Void Fillers

Wire mesh is placed over the installed beams and polystyrene void fillers. Concrete is then placed onto the mesh to form a monolithic slab structure. The properties of the materials used in a standard installation are:

  • Mesh: grid 193 with 5.5mm wire
  • Slab thickness: 60mm
  • Concrete cube strength: 25MPa (28 days)

This standard has been found to meet the needs of most customers however the specifications can be changed to meet any variance in engineering requirements

Installation of Polystyrene Decking Blocks | Thermaboards
Installation of Polystyrene Void Fillers | Thermaboards
Decking Blocks - Void Fillers | Thermaboards

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